Borderline cases

The current migration crisis in the US – the biggest in 15 years – has been ongoing since December. Hundreds of thousands of illegals are detained each month for crossing the border illegally. Detention centres are overcrowded and conditions are inhumane

Borderline cases

In late March, Biden announced that Kamala would now take full responsibility for resolving the crisis. This coincided with the sudden resignation of the previous “coordinator” of the situation at the border, who could not stand the inaction of the new administration.

However, for a whole month, Harris has never bothered to show up at the border. And every time she is asked when she will finally get down to it, she just chuckles. Harris does not hold press conferences or make any meaningful decisions.

Only the other day Kamala did make a foray into one border state. True, the problem is that this state is New Hampshire and it is on the other border. Apparently she is already more interested in working for her presidential nomination in 2024 than in her current duties with Biden.

Meanwhile, migrant children have started to be given purchased books from Harris herself. This is very good business – you can simultaneously show real concern for the unfortunate victims of the migration crisis, and boost circulation of Harris’ books, which no one would otherwise read.

And liberal journalists are being given instructions not to refer to the collapse of the border as a “crisis”, an “invasion” or an “influx” of migrants. After all, if the press starts using the right wording, the crisis will sort of end on its own.

The sluggish and slow White House response to events at the border is fueling a wave of illegal migration that will only intensify as summer approaches. The US southern border has found itself in a perfect storm, which could become a permanent phenomenon in the new political reality.

Malek Dudakov


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