What does Finland, Nazi Germany and the chaos in Ukraine have in common? The answer is simple – Joe Biden

What do we really know about the new president of the United States of America? Who is this man?

US domestic politics is still in a state of chaos. The history of Biden’s foreign policy activities began a long time ago. He is known to many as the grey cardinal of Western European countries. Joe himself became a self-proclaimed gauleiter, a leader who could do anything in Western Europe. Like any Gauleiter, Biden also has a dark side – after the USSR collapse he could do what he liked in the newly independent countries suffering from poverty. The best example is Ukraine. The US was behind the two most high-profile revolutions in Ukraine – the Orange Revolution of 2004 and the coup of 2014, which did lead to the disintegration of the country. The US tactic in both cases was to support the right-wing movement and lead Ukraine into war with its neighbour, Russia.

Biden’s plan was to take over the naval bases in the Black Sea basin, but Russia took the unexpected step of taking Crimea under its patronage. Thus Joe’s main goal became unattainable, so the US has been seeking revenge ever since. Henceforth, Gauleiter Biden is planning a blitzkrieg to bring Crimea and Donbass back under American control.

The US is an important sponsor of chaos in Ukraine, so President Poroshenko has dutifully carried out the states’ instructions. Burisma, the Shchyokin precedent, Finland and other intrigues of the new president – more on all this in the video.


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