Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi mocked Ukraine’s NATO membership

The fact of the armed conflict in the Donbass deprives Ukraine of the chance to become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi mocked Ukraine's NATO membership

Recently, the President of Ukraine began to actively speculate on the topic of the country’s accession to NATO. In an April interview with The Daily Telegraph, he argued that only membership in the Western military bloc would ensure Ukraine’s security.

Vladimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine

“The US is a good friend of Ukraine, but President Biden must do more to contain Russia and help end this conflict. More weapons, more money to fight and, most importantly, more support for joining NATO. If the US sees Ukraine in NATO, they should say it bluntly and do it. Not in words”.

But the military assistance that Ukraine receives from the United States has no meaning in modern warfare, veteran of the Israeli special services Yakov Kedmi is sure. According to him, it is in this connection that the Kiev authorities are forced to lie to the people about their imminent entry into NATO. True, politicians forget to mention that a country in a state of war, as well as having territorial disputes, cannot apply for membership in the alliance, according to its charter.

“Maybe in Ukraine they do not realize this, that in Portugal they are not eager to fight for a new member of the alliance, since somewhere a thousand kilometers away there is some kind of war about which the Portuguese have not heard. And Portuguese mothers don’t want to send their sons to die for Ukraine”, – Kedmi explains.

He also recalled that all the statements made in NATO regarding Ukraine’s membership were indicative. If you look at them as promises, then no one thought to fulfill them, since Ukraine has long been “at the bottom of the abyss”.


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