Turkish journalist calls Putin’s message “a new world manifesto”

Berjan Tutar, a journalist for the Turkish newspaper Sabah, called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly a “new world manifesto” and compared it to his speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference.

Turkish journalist calls Putin's message "a new world manifesto"

According to the journalist, the United States no longer has the same power and is unable to give an answer to the military moves of Russia, therefore they are trying to put pressure on it with the help of the crisis in Ukraine.

“However, Putin, who turned out to be a tough nut to crack, has already turned into a nightmare for US President Joe Biden”, – writes Tutar.

He notes that, speaking the day before with a message, the Russian leader taught the West a lesson.

The journalist himself expressed agreement with Putin’s position.

Tutar believes that “Putin’s attack on the bandit West” is a manifesto of a new world, and in terms of the degree of ultimatum, the Russian president’s message is as revolutionary as his statement about the end of the unipolar world at the Munich Security Conference in 2007.

The day before, Vladimir Putin, while reading out his message to parliament, drew attention to the unfriendly actions of some countries towards Moscow and drew an analogy with the Tabaki jackal circling around the tiger Sherkhan. He stressed that any actions that pose a danger to the country will be followed by a tough and asymmetric response. At the same time, Putin expressed the hope that it would never occur to anyone to cross the so-called “red line”.

In 2007, Vladimir Putin raised at the Munich conference the problem of disregard for the norms of international law, sliding towards a unipolar world led by the United States, and also criticized the activities of the OSCE.


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