State Duma evaluates Lithuania’s statements on possible expulsion of diplomats

Lithuania’s statements about the possible expulsion of Russian diplomats as a sign of solidarity with the Czech Republic are part of a single scenario imposed on Eastern European countries from the outside, Anton Morozov, a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, told RIA Novosti.

State Duma evaluates Lithuania's statements on possible expulsion of diplomats

Earlier, the chief adviser to the President of Lithuania on foreign policy Asta Skaisgirite said that Lithuania and its allies are discussing how to express solidarity with the Czech Republic in connection with Russia’s actions, and the possibility of expelling Russian diplomats is being considered. The Czech government has asked partners to support him, as well as to expel some potential agents working in Russian missions, she added.

“I think this is part of an anti-Russian scenario that is being imposed on the countries of Eastern Europe from the outside. Obviously, this provocation has not the slightest reasonable basis, since when it comes to the events of 2014 (explosions at ammunition depots in the village of Vrbetice), tragic events for the Czech Republic, the question arises why they waited so long – almost 7 years – and did not react in any way to the possible involvement of Russian diplomats. Therefore, in this situation, it is obvious that there is nothing to show solidarity with”, – Morozov said.

He stressed that Lithuania wants to support the anti-Russian scenario imposed on the Czechs, apparently, it should be so honest and say “we want to destabilize relations with Russia”. But they do not want to say that, because it does not meet the interests of the inhabitants of Lithuania, residents of the Czech Republic and residents of all Eastern Europe, since everyone wants to develop good-neighborly relations, the deputy noted. However, according to him, the pro-Western elites are imposing an unfriendly agenda on these states in relation to the Russian Federation.

“I would like to believe that our colleagues from Eastern Europe will not get to such an absurdity, and nevertheless reason will prevail, we need to believe facts, not speculations”, – Morozov said, referring to the “games with expulsion”.


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