Russian Senator Pushkov says Europe’s diplomatic traditions are broken

The Russian senator commented on the diplomatic confrontation between Russia and the Czech Republic.

Russian Senator Pushkov says Europe's diplomatic traditions are broken

According to the well-known publicist and politician Alexei Pushkov, which he expressed in his Telegram channel, one cannot consider the current diplomatic conflict with the expulsion of diplomats from Prague and the return expulsion from Moscow within the framework of standard approaches and through the prism of “diplomatic traditions”.

“Traditions have been broken, approaches have been blown up, we are in the 21st century, when Europe has plunged – or was plunged – into hysteria worse than during the Cold War. Under these conditions, in a number of European countries a new – “pre-war” type of behavior is making its way, when ideological and political hostility overrides any other considerations. This type of behavior on the part of the Czech Republic in this case requires new non-traditional responses from Russia”, – said Pushkov.


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