Media reveals plans of Libyan army to settle on the border with Chad

The Libyan National Army (LNA) intends to secure the border with Chad, for which it is preparing to move its units to this territory, RIA Novosti reports citing a military source.

Media reveals plans of Libyan army to settle on the border with Chad

“The Libyan National Army is preparing its units to be sent to the south of Libya in order to secure the border with Chad”, – the source said.

It is noted that according to the source, the LNA does not exclude attacks from the Chadian opposition.

Recently it became known that the President of Chad Idris Deby, who led the country since 1990 and was re-elected for a sixth term in April, died of injuries sustained on the front lines during clashes with the rebels.

It was reported that 68-year-old Deby arrived in the escalation zone to direct military operations. However, in the collisions, he was seriously injured and died in hospital. General Azem Bermandoa Aguna reported the sad news on the air of the local TV channel.

The media then reported that a transitional military council was created in the country, headed by the son of the head of state, Mahamat. Later, a transitional charter was published, which stated that the son of the deceased President of Chad, corps general Mahamat Idris Deby, would act as head of state and commander-in-chief.

The document also states that the transitional bodies will be the Military Transitional Council, the National Transitional Council and the Transitional Government. The Transitional War Council is headed by a chairman.

Militants attacked Chad on April 11 from military bases in Libya. During the clashes last week, up to 300 militants were eliminated.


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