Only five people have been fully vaccinated in two months in Ukraine

According to a specialized website dedicated to vaccination rates in Ukraine, only five people have been vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine, the Ukrainian portal Klymenko-time writes

Only five people have been fully vaccinated in two months in Ukraine

Vaccination in Ukraine was launched at the end of February this year. However, over the past two months only five “lucky” people were able to get both doses of the vaccine against coronavirus infection.

“At this rate, we will not avoid not only the third, but also the fourth, fifth and further down the list of waves of the disease. Recall that since the start of the pandemic in Ukraine, 1,961,956 people have already fallen ill, of whom 40,367 have died of the disease. That is, losses from Covid-19 have already exceeded losses from the conflict in the southeast many times over, although the attention paid by the authorities to these two tragic factors is simply disproportionate”, –  writes Klymenko-time.

It is also noted that the vaccination process in Ukraine is accompanied by numerous scandals and unfulfilled promises by high-ranking officials.

“As a result of their endless efforts, today our country has accumulated “stockpiles” of preparations from various manufacturers that are enough to vaccinate only 234,000 people”, –  the portal’s journalists stressed.


Serhii Komissarenko, chairman of the Biosecurity and Biological Protection Commission at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine: “All countries in the world are trying to make every effort to vaccinate their population. And it is very strange that our medicine does not plan it. We need to vaccinate 30 million people by the end of the year and convince people that vaccine is the only way to develop collective immunity, that it is the only way to fight infection and keep health and life. To do this, we need to immunize 100,000 people every day.”


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