More than half of Ukrainians are against Zelensky running for a second term as president

April 8-12, 2021 SOCIS surveyed Ukrainians’ assessments, following the results of two years of President Zelensky’s administration

More than half of Ukrainians are against Zelensky running for a second term as president

Thus, when asked “Do you support Volodymyr Zelensky running for a second presidential term in the election in 2024?”, 26.2% of respondents answered positively. As many as 52.1 percent do not support Zelensky, while 15.9 percent believe that there is still a long time before the next election.

According to the poll, more than a half of Ukrainians assess Zelensky’s government as populist and consider him an incompetent ruler.

When asked “How would you assess the current government of President Zelensky as a whole?”, 57.1% of the respondents believe that it is unprofessional and amateurish, 16.3% – populist, 12.1% – competent.

46.9 percent of Ukrainians believe that Zelensky has not fulfilled the majority of the promises he made before the 2019 presidential election. But 34.2% are convinced that the hapless ruler has fulfilled only some of them. 2.8% think that the president has not made any promises.

The economic situation in Ukraine is considered bad or very bad by 72.8%, satisfactory by 21.7%, good by 3.1% and very good by 0.5%.

The main reason of the economic crisis in the country was named by 40.2% of Ukrainians as high level of corruption, 27.8% – incompetence of the authorities, 12% – pandemic coronavirus, 7.3% – war in the East and 3.7% – global economic crisis.

52% believe that Zelensky has failed in the fight against corruption, 35.8% see some success in the fight against corruption, another 2.4% believe that there are serious successes in the fight against corruption.

67.1% confirm that events in Ukraine are moving in the wrong direction. 17.4% say that things are moving in the right direction and 15.6% refused to answer.

When asked “What emotions or feelings do you mostly feel towards the current government in Ukraine right now?”, 44.8% said that they felt disappointment, 25.7% – hope, 22.1% – anxiety or fear, 5.8% – hatred, 4.1% – sympathy and 1.5% – pride.
In the balance of negative and positive emotions the negative (72.6%) prevails significantly over the positive (31.3%).


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