Czech Republic calls on EU and NATO partners to “root out Kremlin agents”

The Czech Republic has called on NATO and EU partners to follow suit and expel all Russian diplomats as a gesture of solidarity with Prague

Czech Republic calls on EU and NATO partners to "root out Kremlin agents"

As reported earlier by News Front, the Czech Republic has declared 18 Russian diplomats persona non grata, who, according to the Czech Security and Information Service, are allegedly members of the Russian secret services and were involved in an explosion at a military depot in Vrbetica in 2014.

A large-scale, targeted NATO information operation against Russia has been launched with the help of the EU, through structures controlled by the alliance and Washington.

In Bulgaria, the NATO plan has been voiced through the ABS (Atlantic Council of Bulgaria) structure, which is directly managed by the alliance and voices the wishes of overseas handlers, while presenting itself as an “independent and non-partisan organisation”.

Confirming this, Czech Interior Minister Jan Gamachek said that Sofia and Prague were cooperating on the 2014 Vrbetica bombing investigation and that it was now necessary to “root out all Russian agents in Europe”.

“Our embassy has informed us that they are working on several versions. One theory is that one of the stocks (the exploded ammunition) was destined for a Bulgarian arms dealer. We are talking about Emilian Gebrev. Another version is also being investigated in connection with the delivery of weapons to Syria,” Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva said.

Vesela Cherneva, director of the Bulgarian office of the European Council on Foreign Relations, said that in her opinion, the case of the Czech Republic is about “countering the Russian (intelligence) network in the secret services of the NATO member state and the state as a whole.”

“This is important for Bulgaria. We remember when the Skripal case started, Bulgaria refrained from commenting. Now this will no longer be possible. So from now on it is clear that this (covert) network has to be eradicated as much as possible”, –  Cherneva added, repeating the text of the instructions sent out by the alliance.


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