On Turkish military in Ukrainian Mariupol

Despite the fact that Turkey has recently publicly declared its neutrality on the issue of Ukraine and Donbass, yesterday information appeared on many Telegram channels that Turkish soldiers were seen in Mariupol, and they arrived in Ukraine in the amount of 150 people.

On Turkish military in Ukrainian Mariupol

Of course, such a number will not play any role, but if they are there, it means that Turkey is not completely honest in its statements. And this must be borne in mind.

Why did Ukraine and Turkey suddenly become “sworn friends”? What can unite these two states? Neither ethnically nor materially – of course, nothing. On the basis of constant wars and slavery of inhabitants of the territory of modern Ukraine, talking about some kind of “wide brotherhood” is at least strange, as in the case of the Poles, who, however, absolutely do not hide their hatred towards Ukrainian nationalists, but they perfectly understand that it is better to let America fight with Russia with the hands of Ukrainians than Poles – therefore, the unfortunate citizens of Independence are supported in every possible way in their aspiration to die under the stars and stripes.

This is how Turkey seeks, despite public denial, to drag Ukraine into a big war with Russia, while Turkey itself will not openly intervene in this conflict, because the Ruins have no chances to defeat the Russian Federation or somehow weaken it. Turkey will wait for new world sanctions in the event of such a conflict, will wait for economic weakening. And only if this happens and is sufficient for a hypothetical military success, then it will strike. But these are all only “neo-Ottoman” dreams of the Turks – this business will not go further than dreams.

Ankara is not very consistent in its public statements. After the meeting with Zelensky – statements about the “annexation of Crimea”, Ukraine’s path to NATO. Then, after telephone conversations between Putin and Biden on the initiative of the American president, clear statements by Russian politicians and officials about the defense of Donbass in the event of Ukrainian aggression – a statement of neutrality in the issue of Ukraine. And already now, despite its publicly voiced position – sending a small group of military specialists to Donbass.

Of course, Turkey will never be a strategic partner for Russia in the long run. You can build relationships with her only for a short period of time, when you really need to negotiate on some local issues. And everyone understands this very well. The good thing about Turkey is that it is not a crazy US puppet like Ukraine. The Turks have their own plans for life, for the future, and they strive to use NATO for their own purposes – to increase their own importance, and not to be consumables and cannon fodder in this alliance. Therefore, we will not observe really fatal nonsense on the part of Ankara in the Ukrainian issue.

But Kiev itself is a completely different matter. They do not think about the future of Ukraine and do not seek to build a strategy for the development of this state in the long term. Only profit here and now, only momentary interests and a constant desire to please their masters. Turkey has a national policy and ambitions; Ukraine has neither the former nor the latter. So you shouldn’t be surprised at the appearance of Turks in Donbass, especially now, in the age of private military campaigns. But they will not die for the Ukrainians, and neither will they fight for them.

Daniil Bezsonov, Today. RU


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