Dirty dollars and dark schemes of the Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky found in U.S.

The sponsor of Zelensky’s presidential campaign acquired 13 enterprises in the United States, destroying most of them.

Dirty dollars and dark schemes of the Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky found in U.S.

In the United States, they again became interested in the activities of Igor Kolomoisky in the vastness of America. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the largest newspaper in Pittsburgh, studied hundreds of court documents and investigative reports, as well as talked with employees of enterprises, which made it possible to reveal the impressive network of assets of the Ukrainian oligarch in the United States. The investigation was published under the title Dirty Dollars.

Here Kolomoisky was actively helped by partners represented by his longtime partner Gennady Bogolyubov, as well as the Americans Uriel Leiber and Mordekai Korf. Since 2006, the group has acquired 13 steel mills in the United States. These assets were invested with funds that were illegally withdrawn from the Ukrainian PrivatBank. Kolomoisky also bought four office buildings in downtown Cleveland and a prestigious hotel.

True, the oligarch had problems with doing business in the United States. Unlike in Ukraine, a dangerously low level of industrial safety was not the norm here. Numerous incidents of worker injuries, along with environmental violations and poor management, have left factories in decline. Now most of them are already closed, which has a negative impact on the state of the American labor market. Some workers couldn’t get their money at all.

As previously reported by News Front, the United States has been interested in Kolomoisky for a long time. The oligarch who sponsored the presidential campaign of Volodymyr Zelensky became a defendant in a major investigation. In the summer of 2020, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit with the South Florida court concerning Kolomoisky’s real estate in Texas and Kentucky.


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