“Big changes are underway” – Britain said they had revealed Putin’s Donbass plan

The Kiev authorities are sending their troops into the trap of the Russian army.

"Big changes are underway" - Britain said they had revealed Putin's Donbass plan

As previously reported by News Front, after the Ukrainian army resumed shelling of peaceful settlements in Donbass as part of a long-term punitive operation, Russian troops began to concentrate on the border with Ukraine.

In the expert community, such actions are considered a warning. Thanks to mass certification, hundreds of thousands of residents of the LPR and DPR have become full citizens of the Russian Federation. If Ukraine decides to go on the offensive, Russia will have an extremely justified reason to stop this act of aggression.

The road to Kharkov will be cut – an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine described the scenario of a possible war with Russia

But Russian leader Vladimir Putin has another plan that is not so obvious now, says James Sherr, a British security expert. According to him, amid escalating tensions, Moscow intends to deploy units of the Russian Armed Forces on the Donbass contact line. In fact, Russian troops will replace the People’s Militia of the LPR and DPR.

“Today there are big changes in both statements and relationships”, – says Sherr.

“It’s like playing on your nerves. In general, the Ukrainian army is overloaded. And if we want to push Ukraine, as many Western experts and politicians talk about, then we need to create our own defense system”.

The expert proposes to secretly replace the Ukrainian punishers with more experienced fighters from the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. He motivates the idea by the fact that Putin is allegedly doing the same.

“Russia will also work to replace the army of the so-called DPR and LPR with its regular troops, putting pressure on Ukraine whenever it pleases”, – the analyst said.


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