Belarus at gunpoint – Washington decides to involve Russia in a military conflict with the help of CIS countries

The US is forced to switch to Plan B, trying to subjugate Russia.

Belarus at gunpoint - Washington decides to involve Russia in a military conflict with the help of CIS countries

Protests in Belarus

Although the rotation in the White House made it possible to extend the US-Russian Offensive Arms Reduction Treaty, Joe Biden’s presidency began with a series of Russophobic demarches. New sanctions and a provocative attack on Vladimir Putin, whom Biden has groundlessly called a “killer”, have recently been replaced by unexpected flattery. The US President even offered to meet with his Russian counterpart, demonstrating his readiness to speak as equals.

So, using the “carrot and stick” method, Washington tried to persuade Moscow to obey, writes RuBaltic. The unfortunate mistake of the Americans is that Russia has long since realized its greatness, and flattery cannot buy it. In such a situation, the States are forced to switch to plan “B”.

Having failed the attempt to break Russia at the expense of political instruments, the United States will now try to achieve its goal by military means. At first glance, Ukraine is the main contender for the role of a bridgehead. Recently, the local elites have renewed their aggression in the Donbass. Peaceful settlements are being shelled by the Ukrainian army with the tacit consent of Western countries. At the same time, the EU and the US are not stingy with criticism of Russia, which has deployed troops to the border with Ukraine. The expert community believes that Moscow can start an operation to force Ukraine to peace, if the situation in Donbass does not change for the better. But the confrontation here is unlikely precisely because everyone is waiting for it. But other CIS countries may well suddenly turn into “hot spots”. The first candidate can be safely called Belarus.

Last year, the pro-Western Belarusian opposition tried to overthrow the government of the republic, unproven accusing Minsk of falsifying the results of the presidential elections. Western elites supported the putschists led by housewife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. And while it is now clear that the protests have faded, the United States can create a new trigger by “resetting” the color revolution.

The reason, according to RuBaltic, may be a sabotage at the BelNPP, which will lead to an accident comparable to the Chernobyl disaster. An attempt on the life of Alyaksandr Lukashenko is also possible.


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