Voice of Mordor: A grandiose failure of the Belarusian loser putschists

Of course, this is a provocation organized by the KGB of Belarus and the FSB of Russia. Otherwise it can not be. It was they who arranged everything so that prominent Belarusian political emigrants gathered and openly discussed the murder of Lukashenko and the coup d’etat in Belarus

Voice of Mordor: A grandiose failure of the Belarusian loser putschists

As they say – there is no limit to the KGB treachery! In the liberal media and blozhiks, hand-wringing and traditional screams about the return of 1937, that all this is very similar to political repression of Stalin’s time, when “innocent people were accused of conspiracies” and sent to Kolyma.

Voice of Mordor: A grandiose failure of the Belarusian loser putschists

And in fact, what kind of coup and what kind of assassination attempt? What are you talking about? Alexander Feduta and Yuri Zyankovich are practically saints, intelligent people. Feduta is generally a literary critic, and Zyankovich is a lawyer, a lawyer, always for the law, he is incapable of such actions! And everything would be fine if these unpleasant people from the FSB had not posted a video in the public domain, where several fugitive political Belarusians, including the very same Feduta and Zyankovich, are directly discussing the attempt on Lukashenka’s life and the subsequent coup d’etat. They discuss in detail and in detail. Yes, now there is already a “deep fake” technology, when you can take a virtual head of a character and let him say whatever you want. However, this technology is not yet particularly developed and it is quite easy to expose such a trick. In the case of the literary critic Feduta and the lawyer Zyankovich – definitely not. Everything as it is – their faces and their words. This is precisely the discussion of the coup d’etat scenario, in reality, with blood, perhaps very much blood. And the fact that Feduta is a literary critic does not matter. History is full of humanitarians who have done many times more. Remember the artist from Austria? He was such a great artist.

But the most surprising thing is that the Russian oppositionists stubbornly continue to disbelieve in what their eyes see and their ears hear. Apparently, some kind of protective mechanism is triggered, some kind of cerebral barrier – the eyes and ears perceive, information through the nerves enters the brain, but it is there that it is blocked. A door closes, a flashing light starts and a wild voice yells attention – “I don’t believe, I don’t believe, I don’t believe! Everything is rigged! Same as year 1937! ”

And you can’t prove anything to these people. Even if the literary critic Feduta had been taken under the white arms with a sniper rifle at the moment of aiming at Lukashenko and his children, they would have yelled “I don’t believe!” Even then. And, perhaps, it’s not even the cerebral barrier that I wrote about above. It’s just that the guys have such a job. And according to their position, they are supposed not to believe. Nothing. Even the screaming and scorching truth. And of course – to laugh about what, they say, is the CIA, or British intelligence? What are you? These are absolutely sacred special services and they have never done anything like this for all the time. They did not remove unwanted leaders of states, did not eliminate unwanted politicians in other countries and, of course, never staged any coups d’etat at all. Ruled out! I do not believe!

And by the way – there is also Svetlana Tikhanovskaya! In general, a holy woman, she certainly is not in business, even if these two political Belarusians are conspirators. She was definitely not in the know and fought for all the good and against all the bad. And I can even believe in this. Simply because any dirty political operation must have a cover. And Sveta is just perfect cover. A kind of “human face” of the Belarusian opposition. Yes, a little blunt and tongue-tied, but you also understand that there was no time to look for something else. Time was running out. I blinded you out of what was. But in general, there were not very many, and the quality was dubious.

And it’s great that all this was revealed. The Belarusian opposition turned out to be not white and fluffy, but real conspirators, ready to plunge their country into the nightmare of a civil war. Throw in with the help of outright political murder, and with some kind of even medieval cruelty, these bright people were not going to spare even the president’s children.

In fact, such a scenario was worked out due to the fact that the Belarusian opposition is powerless. Whatever they do, they just can’t get the people up against Lukashenka. For one simple reason – the people, in general, are happy with everything. Yes, there are some claims, but where are they not? The general strike failed miserably, and so did the street activity. Of course, she will grow up in the summer, but it will again be about nothing. And in these conditions, in order to overthrow Lukashenka, the most radical scenario was developed. For which now you have to answer in full.

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