US pressure policy on Russia explained by expert

US President Joe Biden does not want to start a war with Russia and is using pressure and intimidation tactics to gain geopolitical concessions from Moscow

US pressure policy on Russia explained by expert


This opinion was expressed by Dario Fabbri, a leading analyst of the geopolitical magazine Limes.

“Biden does not want war, he wants to demonstrate how dangerous America can be in order to achieve its geopolitical goals on this basis”, – the expert said. – “In a meeting with Putin, if it takes place, he may promise less pressure and a certain neutrality on Ukraine, but demand in exchange a reduced Russian presence in several regions, including the Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as a distance from China.”

The analyst believes that the US is in an attack position vis-à-vis Russia and the current Washington administration is doing so for several reasons.

“The least significant reason is Biden’s personality. He wants to show that he is radically different from Trump and is working for domestic public opinion”, –  the expert explained. – “Russia is easier to present as an enemy than China. It is an understandable enemy for Americans after all the years of the Cold War, and then Russia, unlike China, talks about its achievements at the international level. Russia is not hiding its actions in the Middle East, where it is increasing its role. This makes Russia, in a sense, more vulnerable in terms of being attacked.”


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