Austrian Kurz: Austria will be honored if Putin and Biden meet in Vienna

Austria is already in contact with Russia and the United States to discuss a potential venue for a meeting between the presidents of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. This was announced on Saturday by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Austrian Kurz: Austria will be honored if Putin and Biden meet in Vienna

“We should not overestimate our role, we do not play the role of a mediator. But there are always neutral countries that choose for dialogue and negotiations. We are already in contact with the Russian and American sides. Joe Biden, and I believe that this is always the right way – dialogue is always better for all participants than anything else, then we would be extremely happy if it takes place in Austria”, -said Kurz in a video interview with the German portal The Pioneer. speaking on the topic of whether Vienna can become a neutral platform for the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States.

“It will be good for the whole world, for the whole Europe, if such a meeting takes place. It does not matter where it is held. Of course, if it takes place in Austria, in Vienna, it will be a great honor for us. The Austrian Chancellor stressed that Vienna is one of the cities being discussed as a venue for this summit between Russia and the United States. “If it takes place, then several cities are being considered, Vienna is one of them”, – said Kurz.

On Tuesday, Putin and Biden held a second telephone conversation at the initiative of Washington since taking office as the head of the American state. According to the Kremlin, the leaders thoroughly discussed the state of bilateral relations and a number of international issues. The White House was informed that Biden offered Putin to hold a personal meeting “in a third country” in the coming months.


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