Russian Embassy calls Britain’s allegations of “malign activity” by Russian special services unfounded

The Foreign Office’s published statement in the diplomatic mission was called “nothing more than an attempt to play along with the United States, which, faced with the obvious failure of their own efforts to ensure cybersecurity, habitually try to place the blame on Russia”.

Russian Embassy calls Britain's allegations of "malign activity" by Russian special services unfounded

According to TASS, the Russian Embassy in Great Britain considers the statements of the United Kingdom Foreign Office about the alleged malign activity of the Russian special services as unfounded accusations in order to support the position of the United States.

“London is again using unfounded accusations with highly likely argumentation, without at all bothering to present any serious, let alone impressive, texture on this score. At the same time, we managed to advertise our own cyber potential: generous funding of the National Cyber ​​Security Center, military cyber forces and other structures requires regular justification in the form of an “external threat”, – the embassy noted. 

The Russian diplomatic mission considers such attempts to be short-sighted.

“Recently, London’s desire to declare itself more loudly as a significant international player in the conditions of parting with the European Union has become more and more pronounced. Well, this is the business of the British authorities. However, it seems to us extremely short-sighted to make attempts at self-affirmation to the detriment of mutually beneficial bilateral relations with Russia”, – the embassy noted.


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