Peskov told how Russia will respond to US sanctions

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the US addiction to the imposition of sanctions remains unacceptable for Russia.

Peskov told how Russia will respond to US sanctions

Peskov noted that the points of view of the presidents of Russia and the United States do not coincide in understanding how to build relations on a mutually beneficial basis, taking into account the interests of each other.

“Here, probably, one can hardly talk about the coincidence of views. And, of course, the sanctions bias of our American counterparts remains unacceptable”, – said the press secretary of the Russian president.

Peskov also stressed that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that the Russian Federation is ready to develop dialogue as much as our counterparts are ready for it. According to him, the decision on retaliatory sanctions against the United States will be made directly by the President of Russia.

“In general, the principle of reciprocity in such matters has not been canceled, this principle is fundamental. But I will say again that everything will depend on the decision taken by the head of state”, – concluded Peskov.


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