“One-sided measures of the hegemon”: China commentes on the new US sanctions against Russia

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the United States’ unilateral sanctions against Russia are “hegemonic measures” and are not supported by the international community.

"One-sided measures of the hegemon": China commentes on the new US sanctions against Russia

“The new US sanctions against Russia are one-sided hegemonic measures against which the entire world community is opposed”, – a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said at a briefing.

Lijian also noted that Russia and the United States are permanent members of the UN Security Council and have great influence on the world stage. The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed the hope that “Moscow and Washington will eliminate mutual contradictions through negotiations, through dialogue.”

On Thursday, April 15, US President Joe Biden signed a decree introducing new sanctions restrictions on Russia. The US Treasury said the sanctions were imposed in order to impose costs on the Russian government “for its unacceptable behavior” and to limit Russia’s ability to finance its activities, including “malicious and destructive cyber capabilities”.


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