CNN and the armed conflict in the Donbass: reason why the American newspaper talks about the war

The American edition of CNN, one might say, “got stuck” in the story with the Ukrainian president

CNN and the armed conflict in the Donbass: reason why the American newspaper talks about the war

Investigations appear in the information space, in which they report that the Kiev authorities have found themselves lobbyists in the United States to promote the issue of Ukraine. And now CNN correspondents are running around the trenches without helmets together with Vladimir Zelensky, who came to Donbass as if on purpose to create a “beautiful picture” for the American media.

But the “advancement of the Ukrainian question” did not end there. A month ago, no one really cared about the conflict in the Donbass, but after the escalation of the military situation on the part of Kiev, large-scale edition in the West again became interested in the war. Among them is the aforementioned CNN. Of course, no one will inform the American man in the street about the demonstrative rental of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, the deaths of children and pensioners, the militaristic statements of representatives of the Ukrainian state. Although, by mistake, American journalists nevertheless showed how the Ukrainian army was pulling forces towards the LPNR, but, as usually happens, they called it an increase in the forces of the Russian army. Fortunately, this was noticed in the Russian Federation, after which it was necessary to bashfully remove a fragment from the reportage.

Despite the fact that the journalists have once again demonstrated their incompetence in the issue of the war in Donbass, they still dare to voice assumptions – why does Moscow need to pull up military equipment to the border with Ukraine? An article by Michael Botsyurkiv, a correspondent and former OSCE press secretary, has appeared on the CNN Opinions website. In his opinion, Moscow intends to bring in peacekeepers. Obviously, the American journalist refers to the conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria.

“To a lesser extent, the Kremlin’s provocative moves may be aimed at showing Biden that Russia still views Ukraine as its sphere of influence. With the Biden administration still defining its foreign policy stance, Putin may see this as the perfect time to draw boundaries – political and military – over the next four years. Putin’s latest approach – lining up troops along the disputed border – could also be a prelude to the introduction of Russian “peacekeepers” into the region to maintain a permanent presence, as has been done in other post-Soviet countries”, – the correspondent writes.

At the same time, Botsyurkiv believes that America will not remain on the sidelines. To confirm his own thesis, he quotes the words of the former US ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor, who said that it was important for Washington to deter any attack by showing strong support for Ukraine. And again there was talk of sanctions, although even Botsyurkiv himself already notes that such methods are unlikely to lead to the desired result for the United States. At the end of the article, the American journalist stressed that without the support of the West, “Kiev will surely lose this battle”.

What is all this for? Of course, it was not without the very lobbyists who work off the Ukrainian money. Zelensky’s recognition in the West has increased, which means that in Kiev they should rather rub their hands. But still, do not forget that the other day Joe Biden suggested that Putin meet in a third country.

Obviously, the Ukrainian issue will be raised in these negotiations. And, as is usually the case, before serious summits, the parties raise the stakes. Something similar happened before the meeting of the Normandy Four. Then, however, “went” on a peaceful rhetoric, so there were withdrawals of equipment, the exchange of prisoners and all sorts of positive statements about the end of the war in Donbass. Under the current circumstances, “raising the stakes” may involve media and military escalation of conflict. It is not yet known whether Moscow will agree to these negotiations, but what is now happening in the American media is a vivid confirmation that the American side has already begun to prepare for them.

Denis Grigoryuk, Analytical Service of Donbass


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