China began to study “dark schemes” of purchase of Ukrainian plant “Motor Sich”

The head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada David Arakhamia, not without pleasure, announced that the Chinese investors who were “thrown for money” by the Ukrainian leadership are now under investigation by the Chinese law enforcement agencies for “embezzlement of public funds”.

China began to study "dark schemes" of purchase of Ukrainian plant "Motor Sich"

As writes, the whole point is that the money that was paid for Motor Sich was previously taken as a loan from state Chinese banks, and besides, investors did not receive the obligatory approval in such cases from the government of the PRC for making a deal.

“It turned out that those people who were buying, now with bracelets, with restriction of freedom are in China and are accused of embezzlement on an especially large scale”, – the Interfax news agency quotes Arakhamia.

Taking advantage of the situation, the Ukrainian leadership immediately announced that it did not plan to obstruct the Chinese business if it were “legitimate”, and so, they say, bribes from Ukraine are smooth, go wrong yourself.

Let us remind you that earlier Kiev, following a direct shout from Washington, blocked the deal on the purchase of Motor Sich by a Chinese company, despite the fact that the Chinese had already contributed money for the enterprise. Naturally, Ukraine did not return the money and does not plan to do so.


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