Biden wants meeting with Putin to preserve Kiev regime

The main conclusion from Putin’s conversation with Biden is that the American president wants a meeting with the Russian president. Why?

Biden wants meeting with Putin to preserve Kiev regime
It seems the situation around Ukraine is making the US administration nervous. For several reasons.

Firstly, the US is interested in keeping the “Maidan Ukraine” project alive, as it is a geostrategic bridgehead against Russia and a territory from which money can still be siphoned off. At the very least there is land and forest left in Ukraine.

Secondly, the fall of the Maidan regime will mean that the US cannot protect its own satellites, it will be a bad signal to Washington’s allies around the world. It would be a signal that US patronage is no guarantee for the “natives” elites who serve the White House. It will especially hurt the pro-American parties in eastern Europe. It could also be a signal to China that the U.S. has let its guard down, and Beijing could begin to focus its international affairs in Southeast Asia more deliberately. And this is something Washington is very much afraid of.

If the Ukrainian army goes on the offensive in Donbass or launches a strike that will result in many casualties… Moscow has made it clear that it will not leave Donbas without support… If the Russian army strikes the Ukrainian army, it is not only Ukrainian soldiers who will run, but it is very likely that the established regime will collapse, If the Russian army launches a strike against the Ukrainian army, not only Ukrainian soldiers are likely to flee, but it is also highly probable that the regime established in Kyiv following the 2014 coup … Neither the US nor other NATO countries will send their soldiers to die for Ukraine… The West has not even given Kyiv a vaccine… Moreover, many American soldiers will die fighting with Russia, not Iraqis and Afghans…

If a real war starts (not the war invented by Ukrainian propagandists) between Russia and Ukraine, the West will not be able to help Kyiv… And as written above, the US needs to save Maidan Ukraine… So Biden should negotiate with Putin now… What can they agree on? It’s hard to say right now. It is just as far from certain that a meeting will take place… And the term next months is very vague… Still the very fact of invitation to a dialogue shows that in Washington they realise that the Ukrainian game may hit the international positions of America itself

Sergei Mirkin


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