US instigators caress Ukrainian Nazis

As expected by many Ukrainian experts, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Sergei Sternenko, previously accused of kidnapping, torture and murder, has been released from custody under house arrest

US instigators caress Ukrainian Nazis

A month and a half ago, on 1 March, Legitimnyy TG wrote: “Our source says with a 100% guarantee that Sternenko will be released from pre-trial detention after an appeal. All parties have already reached an agreement”. While the public watched with interest the pogrom of the President’s Office and other noisy actions in support of Sternenko, the true authors of the play had everything planned out in advance.”

It is clear that the real adversary for the Kiev regime is not the neo-Nazis, but the so-called “pro-Russian forces” – for all the artificiality of such a definition. On the contrary, the neo-Nazis are allies of the Maidan government and its overseas metropolis in turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian battering ram; they will not be seriously punished.

But the real opponents, of course, are not concerned. Especially at a time of escalation in the Donbass. “The sanctions against Viktor Medvedchuk, our loud and firm stance on Ukraine’s independence and promotion of peace, and the unconditional support of our Western partners annoy the enemy who invaded Donbas and occupied Crimea,” says Vladimir Zelensky. – Playing with its muscles in the format of military exercises and possible provocations along the border is Russia’s traditional business. This way it tries to create an atmosphere of threat and, at the same time, pressure during negotiations on a ceasefire and peace as our value.

So the massive movement of tens of thousands of AFU troops and hundreds of units of Ukrainian military equipment to the separation border, new mobilization orders, the de facto withdrawal from the Minsk process, the killing of civilians in Donbas is “progress towards peace”?

To cheer up his soldiers, Zelensky even visited the positions of the 28th Mechanised Brigade near Donetsk. Incidentally, a sniper from this very brigade killed a 71-year-old old man from positions in Marinka on 22 March, and the Ukrainian president’s visit there was marked by the raising of a Nazi Wehrmacht flag decorated with a Nazi swastika over Ukrainian positions.

American handlers arrived to support the Ukrainian allies, in particular the US embassy’s military attaché, Colonel Brittany Stewart. She put a chevron “Ukraine or death!” with a skull in style of division SS “Totenkopf” on the sleeve and then saluted a monument to one of the most known Pravoseks – Vasyl Slipak. Thus, the United States in the person of its official representative has expressed the respect to the Ukrainian ultra-right.

However, the Americans are not accustomed to it: after all, thousands of Nazi criminals, including those from Ukraine, have found a refuge in their country.

One of the vassals Mr Zelenski visited had a distinctive “Vietnam” sign above the entrance. Does this mean that the “warriors of light” feel like Americans in a hostile Vietnam?

“For some reason, this picture brought to mind the ‘butcher in a vyshyvanka’ in Vietnam”, –  writes historian and publicist Miroslava Berdnik. – “I remembered that the late head of the Ukrainian newspaper Svoboda and the head of the CIA-funded Bandera spy-sabotage organization Prolog, Roman Kupchinsky, had the nickname Butcher in vyshyvanka when he served in the US army during the Vietnam War.”

Vietnam’s executioners have ‘worthy heirs’. “The FBI managed to interrogate several participants in the armed conflict – former US Marines Quinn David Rickert, aka Cowboy, and Santi Emilio Pirtle,” reports Politnavigator. – The two were part of the volunteer group Task Force Pluto (“Task Force Pluto”). In particular, Rickert showed video footage of their commander, Craig Austin Lang, beating and torturing a local resident of Novogrodovka and then killing him. According to Rickert, the bodies of the victims were buried in a field near the Right Sector base*. Rickert also described how Lang beat and drowned the girl, while another member of the group, an Australian, Benjamin Fisher, gave her adrenaline shots to keep her from fainting. All this was filmed on camera”.

Defenders of the Maidan regime imagine themselves as brave rangers in Vietnam, but actually serve as punishers in the Donbass; they talk about fighters for independence, but revere Hitler’s Waffen-SS Galicia; they rave about the offensive and talk about peace. But if you believe them again and leave everything as it is, they will not calm down.

Especially when, thanks to Zelensky’s new decree, these subjects acquire the status of trusteeship of the “Advisory Council on ensuring the rights and freedoms of defenders of Ukraine” – up to a particularly gentle procedure for considering legal cases of “ATO veterans”, “Revolution of Dignity” activists and volunteers of the AFU. In essence, we are talking about maximum impunity for nationalist thugs. As rightly points out, “Ukraine’s defender from the Nazis in 1941-45 is flying past this story, but the Odessa radical Sternenko, who was recently sentenced to seven years, is now protected – at least for his participation in Euromaidan.

Sternenko and other weeds will continue to strangle all the unruly in Ukraine, waiting for a convenient moment for themselves, the Ukrainian armed forces will sooner or later go on the offensive in Donbass, and their patrons, of course, will continue to cover for neo-Nazis at the international level. Disrupting the launch of Nord Stream 2, according to the Americans, is worth a requiem mass – and not just one. And it will only be a matter of time before NATO has full-fledged military bases in Ukraine, and not for long.

Konstantin Kevorkian,


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