Officer mistook a gun for a taser – police call new Minneapolis murder an accident

A police officer who shot and killed a young black man in a Minneapolis suburb did so by accident, the city’s police chief claims

Officer mistook a gun for a taser - police call new Minneapolis murder an accident

As reported by News Front, 20-year-old Daunt Wright was killed in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, when police pulled over his car for speeding. The incident happened on Sunday, almost a year after a police officer in the same city killed black repeat offender George Floyd in custody.

The killing sparked a new wave of protests. The National Guard has already been sent to the city to disperse the protesters.
Meanwhile, Tim Gannon, Brooklyn Centre’s police chief, speaking at a press conference, said the young man had been shot “accidentally”. He claims that the police officer mistook the gun for a stun gun, which he allegedly wanted to use.

Wright’s vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation around 2pm. He was also found to have an unpaid ticket. They tried to arrest the youth, but he returned to the vehicle. That’s when the officer, whose name the police do not give, shot Wright. After being wounded, he was able to drive a few more blocks. He then crashed into another vehicle, where he died.

“When I watch the video and listen to the officer’s command, I believe the officer intended to engage his stun gun, but instead shot Mr. Wright with one bullet”, –  Gannon said. – “That seems to me from what I saw and the officer’s reaction immediately afterwards. It was an accidental shot that led to Mr Wright’s tragic death.”


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