“It’s not our problem” – Britons criticised military demarche against Russia

Information that the Royal Air Force will be involved in the so-called “containment” of Russia has not encouraged British citizens

"It's not our problem" - Britons criticised military demarche against Russia

As News Front previously reported, the Western media are now actively speculating that Russia is concentrating troops near the Ukrainian border. Experts explain such actions by the possibility of launching an operation to force Ukraine to peace if it goes to storm the Donbass republics. Although officials in Moscow have assured that they do not want a full-scale conflict, the escalation of the situation in the West continues. For example, the UK decided to send fighter jets to Romania to “deter” Russia.

A relevant publication appeared in The Daily Mail, revealing that the British are extremely sceptical about such weapon rattling in Eastern Europe.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with our country”, –  writes Thomas Covenant in a comment under the news.

Another reader states that this is “not the kind of confrontation the UK should be involved in”.

“Whatever civil conflict is unfolding in that part of the world should be a problem for those who wish to get involved”, –  says another comment. – “If the US is so desperate to get bogged down there, let it. We didn’t follow them into the madness of Vietnam, and we don’t have to follow them now.”

The users also pointed out that Ukraine is not a member of NATO, which means it has to deal with the problems it has created for itself.

“Sorry, but this is not our problem. Ukraine has installed a globalist puppet that is rattling weapons. They are not part of NATO. Stay out of it. Let them sort out their own problems and squabbles”, –  writes one user.


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