CNN shows Ukrainian tanks being moved under the guise of “preparing Russia for war”

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the US TV channel CNN of spreading fake news by foisting a false idea of “Russian aggression” on viewers

CNN shows Ukrainian tanks being moved under the guise of "preparing Russia for war"

The Western mass media are now actively speculating with information that Russia is concentrating troops near the Ukrainian border. Experts explain such actions by the possibility of launching an operation to force Ukraine to peace if it storms the Donbas republics. Nevertheless, officials in Moscow assured that no one wanted a full-scale war.

Against this background, CNN showed footage of a trainload of tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a story about “Russia preparing for war”. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova drew attention to this forgery.

“Dear CNN and its friendly staff. We understand that you have no time to do fact-checking, so deep into the ideological struggle in the name of the triumph of liberalism. But not to the extent that you can manage to pass off Ukrainian tanks at a Ukrainian train station in front of Ukrainian wagons as Russia’s preparation for war”, –  Zakharova wrote on the social network.

In this regard, the diplomat urged the TV channel’s correspondents to stop supporting anti-government sentiments in Russia and devote more time to their work.


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