A second night of riots in Minneapolis

Civic protests continue unabated after a police officer shot and killed a black man after allegedly mistaking a gun for a stun gun

A second night of riots in Minneapolis

As News Front reported, 20-year-old Daunte Wright was killed in Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis suburb, when police officers stopped his car for speeding. They tried to arrest the young man, but he got back into the car. That’s when the officer, whose name the police do not give, shot Wright. After being wounded, he was able to drive for a few more blocks. He then crashed into another vehicle where he died.

The incident happened on Sunday, almost a year after a police officer in the same city killed black repeat offender George Floyd in custody.

The murder sparked a new wave of protests, which only intensified after the local police chief began to exonerate the officer. It is alleged that the killer wanted to use a stun gun, but “accidentally” pulled out a gun.

Last night hundreds of protesters marched to the local police station despite heavy downpour and a curfew, storming the makeshift fence erected by security forces to contain the crowd. Someone threw bottles in the direction of the building. The police responded with tear gas


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