A new year – a new riot

Minneapolis – the city that started a wave of riots in America last summer – is once again in the flames of unrest

A new year - a new riot

This time it was the shooting of a black driver during an arrest: a police officer mistook a gun for a stun gun and fatally wounded the arrestee.

Twenty-year-old Dante Wright was stopped by police because of problems with his car’s number plate. He had a warrant for his arrest and other offences. Wright decided to resist arrest but ran into an inexperienced police officer and was shot in the chest.

A crowd of protesters marched to the downtown Minneapolis police station for the second night in a row. The police cordon protects the building tightly, so the “peaceful protesters” only have to smash and loot nearby shops.

Some shops are guarded by their owners with rifles. Surprisingly – no one takes the risk of looting them. Just now, Democrats are calling for these very same rifles to be banned, depriving law-abiding citizens of the ability to defend themselves against an army of class-conscious rioters.

The authorities in Minneapolis, who in August 2020 launched an experiment to abolish the police, were forced to urgently bring back law enforcement officers six months later. The city’s skyrocketing crime rate made it clear to locals that they can only rely on their guns if something happens.

The liberal press lashed out at the Minneapolis police for calling what was happening in the city a riot. Journalists can no longer cope with the cognitive dissonance when objective reality goes against their narrative of a “largely peaceful protest”.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has mildly condemned acts of violence – though few are paying attention to his words. The White House has already shown a complete political gutlessness in responding to the migration crisis: the same will happen if a new wave of nationwide pogroms breaks out.

Malek Dudakov


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