US police kill black man again – now under attack by Biden

The African-American community is once again coming out in protests as the White House rotation has not solved the problem of systemic racism in the US security establishment

US police kill black man again - now under attack by Biden

The rallies began after a police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old young black man. Daunt Wright’s car was stopped for a traffic violation on Sunday. The offender attempted to be arrested. When he tried to get back into the car, a police officer pulled a gun.

The incident took place just 16 kilometres outside Minneapolis, where almost a year ago an officer killed another African-American, George Floyd, in custody. As then, the incident sparked resentment among the country’s black population.

On Sunday night, a crowd of angry citizens marched to the Brooklyn Centre Police Department and security forces responded by firing rubber bullets at the protesters. Stun grenades and tear gas were also used.

A year ago, American Democrats had the opportunity to hold Donald Trump’s administration responsible for Floyd’s murder. The liberal press actively blamed Republicans for every act of police aggression. The new murder is already turning against Joe Biden’s team. The incident shows that racism is much deeper in the American system and cannot be fixed by destroying Confederate monuments or by ostentatious apologies from politicians who kneel down for a pretty picture. What`s more, the incident shows that the Democratic administration, contrary to election slogans, is unable to cope with the security situation.

According to the police, Wright was detained for a traffic violation around 2pm. He was found to be in possession of an unpaid fine. They tried to arrest the young man, but he returned to his car. That’s when the officer, whose name the police do not give, shot Wright. After being wounded, he was able to drive for a few more blocks. He then crashed into another vehicle, where he died.

“I could hear the commotion and I could hear the police saying, ‘Daunt, don’t run away'”, –  Katie Wright, the dead man’s mother, told reporters through tears.

She said her son called her Sunday afternoon and told her that police had pulled him over for having air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror. This is illegal in Minnesota. The call dropped off, and when the woman called back, Daunt’s girlfriend answered, reporting the young man’s death.

Police say both officers’ cameras recorded the incident. An investigation is now underway. The Minnesota branch of the American Civil Liberties Union is insisting the incident be investigated by independent experts. The organisation said it was “alarmed that police apparently used dangling air fresheners as an excuse to stop, something police all too often do to attack black people”.

The protests that erupted have already turned violent. The protesters smashed two police cars, pelted them with stones and jumped on them. Police fired rubber bullets, injuring at least two people. An eyewitness, in a comment for Reuters, said one of the victims had blood on his head.

“We ask protesters to remain peaceful and that peaceful protesters not be subjected to violence”, –  Brooklyn Centre Mayor Mike Elliott said.

Eugene Gaman, specially for News Front


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