Seoul and Washington monitor Pyongyang’s possible preparations for ballistic missile testing

The Republic of Korea and the US are closely monitoring North Korea’s submarine ballistic missile (SLBM) development activities due to indications of activity at the Sinpo shipyard in Hamgyeong-Namdo province.

Seoul and Washington monitor Pyongyang's possible preparations for ballistic missile testing

“South Korean and US intelligence agencies are jointly monitoring the North’s military activity and are prepared for any development”, –  said South Korea’s Committee of Chiefs of Staff spokesman Colonel Kim Yun Nak.

Earlier it was reported that the DPRK had completed the construction of a submarine (h with a displacement of 3,000 tons. According to Yonhap, both ROK and US intelligence believe that the DPRK is choosing the right time to unveil the submarine with maximum strategic effect.

According to Yonhap, the DPRK may test a ballistic missile, such as the Bukkeukson-3 (Polar Star 3), during the demonstration of the new submarine.


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