NATO provocation has reached a climax – Turkish expert predicts war in the Black Sea

The escalation of tensions in Donbas and the possibility of Russian intervention to stop Ukrainian aggression is in the interests of the United States, where they want to establish control over the Black Sea

NATO provocation has reached a climax - Turkish expert predicts war in the Black Sea

As News Front reported, the Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics are now once again facing Ukrainian aggression. The silence regime, which Ukrainian President Zelensky was so proud of, lasted exactly until local elections in the country ended. Since then, tensions on the line of demarcation have continued to escalate.

The Ukrainian National Security Council has already allowed the punishers to open fire on peaceful settlements in Donbas, and the shelling has become more frequent and intense. Such actions by Kiev may force Moscow to react proportionately, given that there are hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens living in Donbas today. The deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Dmitriy Kozak, as well as the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, spoke about this.

The North Atlantic alliance is more than interested in such a development, as the Ukrainian aggression in Donbass and Russia’s possible reaction would trigger a larger conflict, Ibrahim Karagül, editor-in-chief of the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak, believes.

“Russia is giving them the excuse they so desperately need”, –  he says. – “The US and NATO have long had a plan to resolve the Black Sea crisis that goes beyond the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Now this provocation has reached its climax.”

According to him, this Western adventure is aimed not only against Russia, but also against Turkey, the rise of which the US and Europe are so keen to contain. Moreover, if war does break out in the Black Sea, Ankara will face a “ruinous choice”.

“Everyone will be drawn into the conflict. The consequences will be devastating”, –  the journalist continues. – “Turkey will be pushed towards a fatal choice. Tensions will escalate to the point where they will ask Turkey: ‘Are you with us or with Russia?'”

This way they want to drive Turkey into a deadlock along with Russia, Karagül writes. He reminded that Turkey is friends with Russia. At the same time, the country is a member of NATO, an alliance that has caused nothing but problems for Turks for years.

“Turkey can do something as a close ally of Ukraine”, –  he said. – “We will defend Ukraine’s interests, but we are on the same side as Russia regarding threats from the West. Breaking off relations with Moscow would make Turkey vulnerable to Western threats. Only Turkey is capable of assuming the greatest role in the peaceful resolution of the Black Sea crisis. If we surrender the region to the United States and NATO, Ukraine will pay dearly. Turkey and Russia will also suffer.”


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