NATO officer says Ukraine needs to wait for “Russia’s collapse”

Former NATO envoy to Moscow, retired US Navy Captain Harry Tabach said that if Russia “collapses,” the peninsula of Crimea may once again return to Kiev’s jurisdiction

NATO officer says Ukraine needs to wait for "Russia's collapse"

“Russia could collapse tomorrow, which would be good for the Russians themselves, and Crimea could either become an independent state, friendly to Ukraine, or it could come back as part of Ukraine”, –  Tabach said in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Obozrevatel.

He also said that the Ukrainian army could “easily seize the territory of Donbas”, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are hindered by Russia, which has “a difficult position on this issue”. It is worth noting that Moscow’s “complicated position” boils down to a demand to implement the Minsk agreements, which the Ukrainian authorities signed back in 2015.

Vladyslav Ganzhara, a political analyst: “We know that Mr. Zelenskyyis preparing a meeting of the so-called platform for the return of Crimea, where he is trying to attract a number of representatives of foreign countries. In the USA, in the North Atlantic Alliance, despite the fact that Crimea has been an integral part of Russia for many years, there is still irritation over it. Ukraine has no tools to “re-integrate” Crimea into its state, and the hysteria that has been building up over the past few years has a ripple effect. Russia today is one of the key factors of stability and that balance of power in the emerging multipolar world, which inevitably irritates both the US and the North Atlantic alliance.”


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