Indian regulator approves use of Sputnik V vaccine

A panel of experts from India’s drug regulator has recommended an emergency approval for the use of a Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V

Indian regulator approves use of Sputnik V vaccine

This was reported by Reuters on Monday, April 12, citing its own sources.

The Russian drug could become the third approved in India, where there has been a resurgence of new cases of COVID-19 infection.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which is responsible for distributing the vaccine abroad, says Moscow is waiting for an official response from the Indian regulator.

“RDIF confirms that it is awaiting a recommendation from India’s Central Drug Standards Control Organisation’s Committee of Subject Experts for approval of the use of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V against coronavirus in India shortly”, –  it said in a statement.

Two vaccines are now registered in India: a development by domestic company Bharat Biotech and the infamous AstraZeneca clot inducing vaccine.


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