Expert: Sandu will not become “president for all” because of his pro-Western policies

Moldovan political analyst Corneliu Ciurea believes that the policy of Moldovan President Maia Sandu shows that, contrary to her election promises, she will not become “president for all”, writes EurAsia Daily

Expert: Sandu will not become "president for all" because of his pro-Western policies

“I think she will distance herself from such a model to become president for all peoples of the country, she cannot hold such a situation in her hands. Yes, she tries to congratulate publicly the representatives of the nationalities of the country on their national and religious holidays, but this only makes the titular part of the Moldovan population laugh”,  – the expert stated.

Corneliu Ciurea reminded that during the inauguration Sandu addressed the residents of the republic in the main languages used in the country: Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz and Bulgarian. However, according to the political scientist, her subsequent steps clearly showed that for Sandu, “only personal political principles and ideology are important, but no more”.

“Her policy is to strive strictly for the West and to uproot all Moldovan traditions”, –  the expert stressed.

According to the analyst, after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, Sandu will continue her political struggle, holding rallies and declaring the current government as a group of people “mired in corruption”.


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