Estonians have started collecting votes to leave the EU

The Parliament of the republic is being urged to use the experience of the United Kingdom

Estonians have started collecting votes to leave the EU

A petition on the withdrawal of the Baltic republic from the European Union was registered on the website of public initiatives in Estonia. The author of the initiative was Kenno Põltsam, an activist of the right-wing National Conservative Party. He believes that the 2003 plebiscite on the country’s accession to the EU is invalid.

The referendum was held on September 14, 2003. At the time, 66.8% of voters backed membership of the commonwealth, with a turnout of 64.1%. Põltsam, for his part, argues that the number of participants is less than half and therefore a new referendum is needed.

“We need to run an EXIT. The public should decide through a referendum whether Estonia should remain a member of the EU or restore its independence as it was before 1 May 2004”, –  says the activist. – “We ask you [members of parliament] to initiate a legally binding referendum and ask people to answer the question: should the Republic of Estonia remain a member of the European Union?”

The petition needs at least a thousand signatures to be considered by legislators.


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