Britain moves military to Northern Ireland

The British government has sent military and intelligence to Belfast in an attempt to stop clashes between loyalists and nationalists

Britain moves military to Northern Ireland

Unrest in Northern Ireland has been ongoing for more than a week. Tensions peaked in the middle of last week when radicals hijacked and burned a city bus and then set fire to a gate separating parts of the city.

What is happening now is not the limit, according to Britain’s MI5 counter-intelligence service. The Sunday Mirror, citing its own sources, reports that the street riots could escalate into full-scale paramilitary clashes. Undercover special forces and intelligence officers have therefore been dispatched to Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland has long been a powder keg”, –  the journalist’s interlocutor told reporters. – “Tensions are very high. Both nationalists and loyalists have elements who want British troops back on the streets, which would be a disaster.”


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