Battlefield: US Congress

In November 2020, the Democrats lost 13 seats in the House of Representatives. Their majority was reduced to five seats, the lowest for the Democratic Party in 70 years

Battlefield: US Congress

This came as a shock to the liberal public, who had hoped that by defeating Trump they would be able to gain a foothold in Congress.

But over the next five months things became even tenser for the Democrats. Some congressmen have been hit by a coronavirus – others have resigned or gone to work for the White House. So now the Democratic Party is left with only 218 legislators and a one-seat majority.

The Republican strategists are getting ready to take revenge for 2020 in the mid-term elections in November 2022. The most realistic and achievable goal for them is to regain a majority in the House of Representatives, for which the Republicans would need to take literally 5 or 6 districts.

The electoral map in the USA is about to change due to the redrawing of districts. The Republicans, who retain control of local government, will single-handedly form 200 new districts. At the same time, the Democrats will only be able to “draw” about 70 districts on their own.

The political weight of California or New York, from which the population is draining out en masse, will be reduced. Conservative states like Texas, Florida, Georgia or South Carolina would benefit. They would gain both extra congressional seats and electoral votes.

Republicans plan to fight for 47 districts, where they are recruiting candidates with an army background. The underlying theme: these are the kind of veterans who know how to serve the country and should be in Congress instead of party bosses hiding from the rest of America behind the fence.

Biden’s early months mark a rise in enthusiasm among the Republican electorate – evident both in the results in the first early congressional elections and in the level of fundraising by opposition right-wing politicians, who are heavily outspending any popular Democrats.

The Democrat Party understands that they have a very difficult election ahead of them in 2022. That is why they are trying to impose new electoral laws on all states – with massive “mail-in ballots” and the abolition of all voter ID checks. Otherwise, they just won’t get the result they want.


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