“Almost everything is forbidden” – a German tourist compared the level of freedom in Russia and Europe

The level of everyday freedoms, as well as the quality of infrastructure in southern Russia is incomparable to what Germany has to offer

"Almost everything is forbidden" - a German tourist compared the level of freedom in Russia and Europe
A tourist named Leonid, who travelled from Germany to see modern-day Crimea, shared his impressions with sportsman and blogger Tamir Sheikh. As Leonid stresses, he was very interested to see the degree of everyday freedom in Russia. What he saw amazed him.

“I had no idea that I would have more rights in Russia than in Germany”, –  says the tourist. – “Almost everything is now forbidden in Europe, particularly that which brings pleasure. All that remains is to work and pay taxes.”

He also drew attention to Russia’s infrastructural achievements, which even Germany does not have. According to him, German public transport does not boast an internet access point or a USB socket for charging gadgets.

“In the Crimea, on the southern coast of Russia, in Sochi, for example, even in small villages there are LED traffic lights. In Germany they are extremely rare”, –  said Leonid. – “I can see online how buses move. And there’s no such thing in Germany. I’ve experienced culture shock. When I see a USB port for charging gadgets at bus stops, in the buses themselves, when I see a trolleybus pulling up with an asterisk sign – climate control – and a Wi-Fi sign. All of this does not exist in Germany, neither in buses nor in city institutions.”


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