Pfizer’s vaccine has made a German medic a COVID incubator

The medic is now infecting others around him with the coronavirus infection

Pfizer's vaccine has made a German medic a COVID incubator

The list of side effects of the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s vaccine has been updated with a new feature. The drug had previously been found to cause severe reactions in allergic individuals. But a German health worker vaccinated with the drug turned into an incubator for the coronavirus.

The problem was discovered when staff and patients at St Elisabeth’s and St Barbara’s Hospital in Halle began to become infected. It took a long time to identify the source of infection.

Although the man tested negative for COVID, he started infecting people around him. He became what is known as a super spreader of infection. The term is applied to those who spread the disease even though they themselves are healthy.

“The virus seems to have a new strategy and is cancelling all protective measures”,-  commented Bernd Wiegand, a clinic employee.


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