North Korea executes official for inefficiency

A North Korean official has been executed over complaints and slow work, Daily NK reports

North Korea executes official for inefficiency

The official, surnamed Park, had been appointed chairman of a special commission tasked with setting up distance learning in North Korea, due to a lack of necessary resources and equipment, things hardly got off the ground. Park was not happy with the situation, a point he regularly made to other commissioners. According to one of them, Ri Gook-chul, chairman of Kim Il-sung University, compiled a denunciation against the official.

Pak was executed in March on charges of “anti-party and anti-revolutionary activities in education”. Another 20 professors on the commission are now undergoing “ideological vetting”. The structure has been reorganised: it now has 180 members and three sub-committees. The new commission is headed by Ri Guk Chul.


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