Media: Biden’s Russia adviser revealed

According to Axios, Matthew Roszhansky, head of the Russian Institute for Advanced Study at the George F. Kennedy School of Government, may become Biden’s top Russia adviser. According to Axios, Matthew Rozhansky, head of the Center for Advanced Russian Studies at the George F. Kennan Institute for Russian Studies, may become the White House’s director for Russia

Media: Biden's Russia adviser revealed

According to journalists, he is a popular US expert on Russia and is frequently quoted in the media. Rozhansky has headed the Kennan Institute since 2013. The institution is considered one of the world’s largest research centres on Russia.

Prior to heading the Institute, the candidate served as deputy director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment. The media also note that in 2020 he criticised US sanctions against Russia and repeatedly stated the importance of “peaceful coexistence between the US and Russia”.


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