USA against Russia and China: who will take it. Anatoly Wasserman

For at least half a millennium, the Anglo-Saxons have been trying to set the second force on the first, even support it until it becomes the first, and in no case allow their mutual assistance

USA against Russia and China: who will take it. Anatoly Wasserman

Now the main Anglo-Saxon country – the United States of America – is breaking the old rule. The SGA is considering the possibility of refusing to participate in the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. Formally – out of fear of a coronavirus pandemic that began in China.

Let me remind you in plain text: a boycott of the Olympic Games has already happened – on the basis of the Cold War. In 1980, many NATO members and accomplices did not come to Moscow to protest against our troops on the side of the then legitimate government of Afghanistan, but in fact because they did not want to support the then main socialist country.

Four years later, almost all socialist countries were not present in Los Angeles, citing the then security problems in the city, but everyone understood that we were avenging the previous boycott. Individual countries also often boycott the Games – and each time the political reasons are obvious.

The People’s Republic of China has pledged to take harsh measures against any country boycotting the Beijing Olympics. Those who call on other countries to boycott them will be especially severely punished.

I am telling you in plain text: for Chinese politics, explicit pressure on other countries is uncharacteristic, and even early threats are something unheard of. But now China is forced to defend its – created with the help of the SGA – position of the world’s premier industrial producer. Trump tried to return to the SGA production, which was withdrawn to the regions of cheap labor. For this, the Democratic Party of the SGA ate it. But she needs China as a submissive appendage. So they press him – including the threat of an Olympic boycott. At the same time, we are threatened not to provide China with raw materials, transport routes, and force cover that are independent of the SGA.

Economic power entails political power. The UGA economy is not the first in the world. If now they give slack in politics, they will gnaw them: the habits of the wolf on the market. This means that they will put pressure on us and on China. Until the crusher bursts.

Anatoly Wasserman, Ren


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