Kiev believes U.S. will not leave Ukraine alone with Russia

According to the Ukrainian reserve colonel, military expert Oleg Zhdanov, if the States lose Ukraine to Russia, they themselves will turn into a “third world” country.

Kiev believes U.S. will not leave Ukraine alone with Russia

According to Glavred, Oleg Zhdanov is convinced that Ukraine has finally become a “suitcase with a handle” for the United States. It is important for Washington to keep the country in its zone of influence – it is a matter of prestige and world domination. He believes that if the United States loses Ukraine to Russia, it will become one step with us in the world political hierarchy and in fact will turn into a “third world” country, while Russia will take the place of the United States in geopolitics.

“If the United States wins, then everything will be the other way around – they will retain their position as a world leader, and the Russian Federation will be lowered to the level of Ukraine”, – the expert noted.

In addition, Zhdanov believes that the United States can use Ukraine as an instrument of pressure on the Kremlin.

“If Washington needs to put pressure on the Kremlin, it will simply help Ukraine militarily. This will cause hysteria and panic in the Kremlin, and then people may appear in the Russian Federation who want to hold separate negotiations to overthrow the ruling political clan in order to change the political situation in Russia”, – the military expert suggested.


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