Expert says Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attitude not combative

According to the Russian political scientist, the Ukrainian military is not eager to face the Russian army in reality.

Expert says Ukrainian Armed Forces' attitude not combative

As Russian political scientist Sergei Markov said in his Telegram channel, the mood in the Ukrainian army on the eve of a possible war is not at all militant.

“According to expert assessments of colleagues from Donetsk, 40% of the military in Ukraine do not want to fight. Only 40% want to fight. 20% are hesitant. When it became known that a war in Donbass was possible very soon and that Russia was ready to help Donbass, mass desertions of the Ukrainian army and soldiers and junior officers began”, – the expert writes.

As previously reported, 44 people deserted from the Marine Corps Brigade near Mariupol.

“The morale of the Ukrainian army is low, because everyone knows that the puppet government forces them to fight for the interests of the United States. And that the government in Ukraine is very very corrupt, very anti-people. Well, all this is good”, – Markov noted.


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