US intelligence veterans sent a letter to Biden urging him to avoid war in Ukraine

To put it in thesis:

“1. We must make it clear to Ukrainian President Zelensky that there will be no military assistance from either the United States or NATO if he does not contain Ukrainian hawks eager to kick Russia in the nose – hawks who may well expect the West to come to Ukraine’s aid. in any conflict with Russia. (There should not be a repeat of the August 2008 fiasco, when the Georgian Republic launched offensive military operations against South Ossetia, mistakenly believing that the United States would come to its aid if Russia responded militarily.)

US intelligence veterans sent a letter to Biden urging him to avoid war in Ukraine

2. We recommend that you quickly contact Zelensky and insist that Kiev end its current military build-up in eastern Ukraine. Russian troops are lined up at the border, ready to react if Zelenskiy’s cheeky talk of war becomes more than bravado. This will reduce the likelihood that Ukraine will misinterpret these training missions as a de facto sign of support for Ukrainian military operations to regain control of the Donbass or the Crimea.

3. It is equally important that the United States enter into high-level diplomatic negotiations with Russia to reduce tensions in the region and de-escalate the current drive for military conflict. Unraveling the complex web of problems that currently burden US-Russian relations is a formidable task that will not be accomplished overnight. This would be the right time to work together to prevent armed clashes in Ukraine and a wider war.

There is both opportunity and risk in the current tensions over Ukraine. This crisis provides your administration with an opportunity to enhance the moral authority of the United States in the eyes of the international community. Leadership Through Diplomacy Will Significantly Raise America’s Status in the World”.

The best comment (according to readers) to this publication:

“On the international stage, Russia (and many other countries, including China) now look at us, correctly, as “weak and divided”. Congratulations to the Social Marxists, Progressives and Democratic Socialists. I hope your unparalleled domestic political victory was worth it”. 


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