Trump’s tweets will be made national treasure of U.S.

A full-fledged struggle has unfolded between Washington officials and the leadership of Twitter for publications from the Donald Trump account, which was previously deleted by the administration of the social network.

Trump’s Twitter activity is well known to everyone, and right now the US National Archives and Records Administration is working to create an official online archive of the country’s ex-president’s publications. James Pritchett, a spokesman for the agency, said the archive is “exploring the best way” to make content available to the public. The obstacles are created by Twitter, where Trump’s account was previously irretrievably deleted.

The social media administration will not allow the National Archives to publish Trump’s old posts from the @realDonaldTrump account, the company said in a commentary to Politico.

As you know, the account was deleted back in January, when Trump was accused of inciting violence during protests outside the US Congress.

“Given that we have permanently blocked @realDonaldTrump, the content from this account will not appear on Twitter as it did before or as it is currently on archived administration accounts, regardless of the National Archives decision”, – Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy said.

This stance has reignited debate over the impunity of Silicon Valley’s tech giants, which illegally censor conservative politicians. Against this backdrop, Clarence Thomas, a member of the US Supreme Court, issued a 12-page report challenging the current order, with so much information in the hands of private individuals. The judge suggested that Congress would soon have to intervene.


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