Expert: Zelensky wants to make himself “darling” of Washington and Biden

Zelensky arrived in the Donbass. The goal is announced – to raise the morale of the troops

Expert: Zelensky wants to make himself "darling" of Washington and Biden

That is, after all, Zelensky personally plans military actions. But the goals of Zelensky and NATO in the war in the Donbass are fundamentally different.

Zelensky does not aim to conquer Donbass by force now. Because he understands that Russia will intervene and help Donbass. Moreover, Zelensky is afraid of such an open war. Zelensky needs an imitation of a war with Russia in the territory of Donbass. With this imitation of war, Zelensky achieves several goals.

Breaks the trend of constant decline in its rating. Because there is a theory that during a war, the population always supports the leader of the state.

Receives approval from the West for his de facto coup d’état. After all, he now wants to establish his personal dictatorship. Which Poroshenko did not dare to install. Zelensky wants to bend all the oligarchs. Take control of all TV channels. To become Ukrainian Lukashenko.

Zelensky wants to achieve NATO pledge to begin admitting Ukraine to NATO.

Zelensky wants the troops of the United States, Britain, Poland to be partially deployed in Ukraine. This, as it seems to his team, will sharply strengthen both the political and economic support of the West in relation to Ukraine.

Having provoked a crisis, Zelensky wants to achieve a sharp increase in sanctions against Russia and a ban on Nord Stream-2.

By doing all this, Zelenskiy wants to make himself the darling of Washington and Biden.

A beautiful combination. But the Americans have slightly different plans…

Sergey Markov


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