Belarus disconnects Lithuania from cross-border power lines

Lithuania disconnected from power lines as part of a power system test.

Such events are carried out by Belarusian specialists in connection with the intentions of the Baltic states to withdraw from the BRELL energy ring, a system that unites Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

“In Belarus, tests of the energy system are being carried out with the disconnection of cross-border transmission lines with Lithuania”, – the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus said on Thursday, April 8.

The department noted that the measures are designed to check the reliability of the country’s energy system. During the day, experts will monitor the operation of the system. Re-tests will take place on April 11.

As previously reported by News Front, the Baltic republics will face a shortage of electricity in the coming years. This fact does not prevent local authorities from talking about leaving BRELL under the pretext of independence from Russia.

In Lithuania, problems with the supply of electricity will arise if the sea connection with Sweden operates at a capacity of 336 MW. Another important factor is Poland’s plans to develop its own network. If they are not implemented, two old power units of the Lithuanian Power Plant in the town of Elektrenai will be shut down.


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