Wage debt has risen to 3bn hryvnyas in Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada human rights commissioner Lyudmyla Denysova has said that the total amount of wage arrears to Ukrainians in 2020 was more than 3bn hryvnias

“The right to pay continues to be violated. Wage arrears have grown to 3 billion 130 million hryvnias. Finally, thanks to the work done, however, the government decided and set up an interdepartmental working group on 28 October 2020, and there was a first meeting on 17 December. Such a commission to address the issues of debt has not met for almost three years”, –  Denysova said.

However, the rights of Ukrainians are violated not only when it comes to paying salaries. Earlier it was reported that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens die every year due to the closure of medical facilities at the district and regional levels, who are not given the necessary medical care in time.


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